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Monday, April 01, 2013

A 13-year-old girl, Precious Edu, has accused the brother-in law of her employer of pouring hot water on her.
Edu, who said she was denied the opportunity of attending school after she was brought to work with Esther Amunde and her brother-in-law, Papa, in Calabar, Cross River State, said Papa poured the water on her after accusing her of splashing water on him.

She said after the hot water left some burns on her neck, shoulder and chest, she was left to wallow in pains for two days until neighbours took her to the hospital for medical attention.

Message culled from Punch!

This is really sad you know.


  1. Dat man will never have a child of his own, infact, GoD purnish him.

  2. This is child abuse, parents watch out.

  3. Does he ha ve a concise at Aƪƪ...


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