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Thursday, May 16, 2013
The petition read, "On repeated occasions, Ebong, The School Teacher invited the victim to the staff room informing her of his desire to have an intimate relationship with her.

Consequently, the victim became a regular visitor
to the staff room during break periods
"On such visits, he made sexual advances to her
which often involved kissing and hugging. Several
times, Ebong followed her home, waiting at the gate
to avoid being seen by her guardian."

The petition alleged that under much pressure from
Ebong, the victim eventually invited the teacher to
her guardians' home while they were away.

Ebong was alleged to have cajoled her to expose
her private part, after fondling her breasts and
kissing her.

It was said the harassment became too persistent,
that the victim allegedly earned the title, "Uncle
Phillip's wife," among her classmates and friends.

At this time of the Post, The teacher has been arrested by the police and statement have been collected from the victim and her classmates.