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Monday, August 18, 2014
JONZE MEDIA is proud to present the pilot episode of her debut interview series, THE RUNDOWN on JONZE TV!

THE RUNDOWN is a unique interview series which sees your favourite stars answer back-to-back controversial, funny, and downright stupid questions under 120 seconds after which they face the ‘Moment of Truth’ in which they honestly answer whatsoever question thrown at them by our host.
In the pilot episode, we get to watch star rapper Falz take ‘The Rundown’ and grant us front seat access into his humorous mind. We bet you didn’t know Falz would like to make a sex tape with Chidinma, or that he has never bedded any female celeb, enough with the spoilers! See some pictures from behind the scenes and watch our presenter, EbukaSID give Falz ‘The Rundown’!

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